Changes in Kenya

on Saturday, 09 May 2015 17:49.

Pastor Samuel Ingimarsson, board member of ABC Children's Aid and his wife Asta Juliusdottir have from May 8th, 2015 taken over as leaders of ABC Kenya. They worked with ABC for a year in Nairobi, from 2012-2013 and know the operation very well.

The board decided to trust Pastor Samuel and Asta to lead the work in Kenya. Thorunn and her husband, Samuel Lusiru Gona, have worked for ABC in Kenya from 2006. The board thanks them for their work.

In 2015  a new floor will be built to the ABC school in Nairobi. The funding comes from the yearly fundraising Children-help-Children in Iceland.


Alma J. Jones - Memorial Fund

on Monday, 27 April 2015 15:44.

Alma J. Jones - Memorial Fund

Alma Jean Jones 86 had a passion for helping others. When in the last few years she heard about the plight of so many homeless and hungry children in the Philippines she decided to step in and help. Even on her limited income she would send checks to support the programs for these children. Please give generously in Alma's memory.

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School Children Receiving Hot Meals Through Alma's Generosity


Thank you and bless you



ABC Students Affected by Fire in Bacolod City, Philippines

on Sunday, 23 February 2014 19:32.

ABC Students Affected by Fire in
Bacolod City, Philippines

On 17th of February in the early hours of a school day, fire broke out in Barangay 10 in Bacolod city, Philippines from where many children attend ABC Bacolod School in YMCA building. As the news broke out the children in the school started panicking and even crying because they knew their houses could be burned down as well. They wanted to rush to the site but the ABC management and teachers calmed them down, prayed with them and asked them to stay in the school because it is safer here and let the firemen do their job.

As a result of this fire a total of 49 houses were burned down and 11 of ABC students were left homeless. The reason for so much destruction is that this is a squatter area and small wooden shelters are built attached to each other.

The local government stepped in and provided emergency help and relief but the future of all of these families hangs in the balance because they will not be allowed to go back and rebuild their houses in the same place. While we wait to hear about the next steps to be taken by the local authorities, we would like to ask you to contribute, whatever God impresses on your heart, to an emergency fund to help these families get back to their normal life as soon as possible.

                           To Help Click  Emergency Fund Donation